Week 1: Finally, Friday!

After just 2 days in day care, Aspen came home with a fever. So, sick baby means change of plans for this Friday night. The evening/night turned into a Diablo 3 zombie killing session for the family, yes all four of us who weren’t under the weather, and a little blogging for me. I figured I will commence my first week of blogging with a weekly review in photos. Here is this week’s collection:


Enjoying park day Monday.


Sisters swinging at the park.


Xavi rocking out on a dolphin


I love her expressions when she swings


Day 2 of pre-school. She refused to get out of the car. I had to literally drag her out.


Day 3 was a little better. Too bad she came home with a fever. I hate day care.


Enjoyed a drink with husband Wednesday night. Much needed.


Friday night consisted of blogging and this.

So, we survived Aspen’s first week of day care (barely) and my first week of blogging.

Hope yours was great and enjoy your weekend!


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