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Hello and Welcome!

About Janis:

I am originally from the Philippines, and moved to Houston when I was 11. I graduated from the University of Houston-DT with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and from the University of St. Thomas with a Master of Liberal Arts in Public Administration. I currently work in the pharmaceutical research industry and I love it! I am a sports/politics/current affairs/ enthusiast, a runner, a coffee/whisky/cocktail/pastry lover, an avid reader, and occasional lomographer.

About JAX

JAX is an acronym for my little family: Janis, that’s me, And, Xavier, that’s my husband. It also stands for the first letter of our girls’ first names: Jaelan, Aspen, and Xavion. And, it’s the name of our crazy miniature schnauzer, Jax. So, regretfully, the blog has nothing to do with coffee, tea, or any other beverage, but I do love a hot cup of latte and/or an occasional scotch!

About the blog: The Usual Brew

On July 2013, my family and I moved to…..Kansas City from Houston, TX. We have lived in Houston forever. He was born there, I was transplanted, at the age of 11. We both went to grade school, college, grad school, and started our family down there. Houston, is home.

This blog started out of the desire to keep our family back home updated about our girls and how they are doing and growing here in the Midwest.

While I am almost positive that there is nothing here but boredom, suburbs, and miles and miles of cornfields, we look forward to enjoying our time here in a new city with our three and a half girls along for the fun!

I hope that I can make my usual brew, from family to running to career(not) to intermittent parenting to occasional blurbs about politics/current affairs, and what I am drinking, interesting enough! So, WELCOME! I’m pretty glad that you stopped by!


Big JAX: Janis and Xavier

Little JAX: Jaelan, Aspen, Xavion


Canine JAX: The Miniature Schnauzer

*Logo designed by AFTK*  All photos taken with iPhone 4 and edited with VSCO*


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sasha says:

    Look at you super momma!! I love your energy and passion! Looking forward to following on your journey with you here! 🙂

  2. You are a mom, a wife, work and have 3 girls and Jax —
    I know you are busy and to add to the list you
    blog, AMAZING. I stayed home for 20 years to raise the boys, hats off to a mom that has an office outside the house. Write-on.

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